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ASEAN Legal Tech Association joins the Global Legal Tech Report research initiative

ASEAN Legal Tech Association is the newest member of the Global Legal Tech Report research initiative, joining forces with legal tech associations from around the world and industry leading research partners to undertake the world’s first and most comprehensive study into the legal tech industry and the people behind the businesses.

AI not the most used underlying technology by Australian legaltech start-ups

Preliminary findings of a pioneering global survey shed light into starting and running legaltech start-ups in Australia

‘Vibrant and kaleidoscopic’: Legal tech in Australia is thriving

New research gives hope for the future prospects of legal technology Down Under, however there remain issues for those in this space to be aware of.

Research Partner Profile: Dr Kion Ahadi, The Law Society

In this post, we feature Dr Kion Ahadi, Director of Futures and Insight at the Law Society. Dr Ahadi is the driving force behind the reinvention of the Law Society’s Futures, Research, Data and Knowledge Management functions, since he joined the Law Society in 2019.

First in Series of Global Legal Tech Reports Finds Good and Bad in Australia

The first in a new series of planned reports on legal tech globally looks at the market in Australia, where it finds good and bad — a vibrant and kaleidoscopic industry, but one where women are under-represented as founders or cofounders of companies.

The Global Legal Tech Report for Australia reveals a ‘vibrant, kaleidoscopic’ legal tech sector

The Australian legal tech market is vibrant and ‘kaleidoscopic’, according to the first report of the first worldwide research project to definitively assess the state of the global Legal Tech industry.

Global Legal Tech Report to Gauge Law Firm, Investment Trends

A leading U.S.-based legal tech trade group has joined with other groups from around the world to create a global survey of legal tech development, adoption, and investment trends.

“Hello World…” The Global Legal Tech Report Launches

In what looks to be the largest research project ever launched in this sector, the Global Legal Tech Report is seeking to assess the state of the legal tech industry across the planet.

Global Research project to assess the state of the global legal tech industry

Global legal technology associations are collaborating to conduct an unprecedented worldwide research project to definitively assess the state of the global Legal Tech industry through the lens of the business of starting and running a Legal Tech start-up.

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